Image features a linen damask napkin with a geometric design of interlocking squares along one edge, in light tawny brown. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
Dora’s Damask
The name Dora Jung (Finnish, 1906-1980) is closely associated with damask weaving, a technique in which the shiny face of satin weave and its matte reverse are manipulated to create subtle patterns. Over the course of her long career, Jung developed a variety of new techniques in damask patterning though her experiments in hand-weaving wall...
Image features a blue and white tablecloth with a central section containing eight blue rectangles, each with a single stylized floral element in white. Four squares with the same isolated floral motif are at each corner with rectangles between containing a dense arrangement of geometrical and floral elements. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
Stylized Florals
Josef Zotti (b. Italy, active Vienna, 1882–1953), Austrian architect and furniture designer, collaborated with Herrburger und Rhomberg, one of the largest textile companies in Vorarlberg, Austria. The partnership began after the completion of his studies and extended until the 1930s. The earliest works were woven fabrics, particularly tablecloths, decorated with graphic motifs that were characteristic...
A Gaze into the Park
City Park is a repeating sidewall paper designed by Dan Funderbrugh for Flavor Paper. It was acquired by the Cooper Hewitt in 2007 and is among a variety of more modern papers that have been obtained by the museum as of late. Collecting from all time periods is essential in keeping museum records up to...