an image of a person standing at what appears to be a messy workbench full of cords and cables. The person's torso is blocked by a white rectangle which bears the book title in black capital letters.
Design Life Now (Hardcover)
Celebrating the most creative and forward thinking designs, trends, and future horizons across the many fields of design.
A collage of works of graphic design arranged on a white background. The title of the book is in a simple sans serif in black in the upper left hand corner.
Skin: Surface, Substance and Design
Featuring the work of notable designers from Greg Lynn to Marcel Wanders, along with essays on artificial skin and digital surfaces, and a glossary of surface materials.
image of a spare, brown, wooden, rectilinear side table against a spare gray wall and floor.
Design is Not Art SC: Functional Objects from Donald Judd to Rachel Whiteread
Catalog for the groundbreaking exhibition of virtually unknown design works by some of the most significant Minimalist and post-Minimalist artists of the last fifty years, including Donald Judd, Scott Burton, Richard Tuttle, Dan Flavin, Sol Lewitt and Rachel Whiteread.
Book cover showing title in large sans serif type and collage-like photos of an old telephone, architectural drawing, and ferris wheel.
Design for Life
Highlights from the Cooper Hewitt collection that demonstrate the universal urge to improve the quality of our lives.
book cover showing the title in red serif capital letters over a photo of a very ornate table
Piranesi as Designer
Renowned as one of the finest printmakers of the eighteenth century, Giovanni Piranesi's work a a designer of interiors and furnishings has been largely uncelebrated. Until now.
Book cover showing the title and a painting of a fancy interior.
House Proud
House Proud commemorates the recent gift of a group of eighty-five nineteenth-century watercolor interior drawings to Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum by Eugene V. and Clare E. Thaw.
Book cover showing the book's title and a before-and-after photo of an outdoor staircase that was renovated.
Design with the Other 90%: Cities
Through a dozen essays and interviews, sixty profiles of solutions, and 250 photographs, this book examines the complex issues arising from unprecedented urban growth, primarily in the informal settlements and developing economies.
book cover showing the title in bold capital letters and a photo of a dark skinned woman in traditional dress drinking river water through a thick plastic straw.
Design for the Other 90%
More than thirty projects which reflect the growing movement among designers, engineers, students, professors, architects, and social entrepreneurs to design low-cost solutions for 90% of the world's total population.
Very simple book cover, showing the title in white capital letters over a solid black background.
Why Design Now? National Design Triennial
A glimpse into contemporary innovation, and an up-to-the-minute survey of what progressive designers, engineers, entrepreneurs and citizens are doing in diverse fields and at different scales.