A large book, shaped like an oversized brick, in bright red, that says in all caps MAKING DESIGN along the spine, beside cooper hewitt logo, and the numbers 210,000 and 1145 on the front cover
Making Design
To mark the occasion of Cooper Hewitt’s reopening, and virtual and physical renovation, the museum is publishing an expansive book based on its unparalleled collection, which consists of more than 210,000 objects from all over the world, spanning 30 centuries. Designed by Irma Boom, and a wonderful design object in itself at over 900 pages,...
Text says TOOLS above a photo of a single clothespin
From the earliest times to the present, tools have been at the frontier of design, demonstrating how technology and culture are inextricably linked.
blueprint of a woman's face, complete with measurements
Beautiful Users
From user research to hacking, open source to maker culture, Beautiful Users explores the changing relationship between designers and users.
Painting of two men standing on a beach.
My Favorite Things
A poignant and witty meditation on the importance of both quotidian and unusual objects.
close-up image of a work surface with spools of colorful thread and other supplies
Design Life Now (Softcover)
Celebrating the most creative and forward thinking designs, trends, and future horizons across the many fields of design.
Tourism and the American Landscape
Exploring the promotion of nature tourism in nineteenth-century America through Cooper-Hewitt's extraordinary collections of oil paintings, drawings, and watercolors by these artists.
Stark white background with a boxy, radio-like device in the center of the page. TItle text is centered above the device in a black sans serif font.
New Design from Israel
The first museum exhibition of contemporary Israeli design in the U.S., New Design from Israel covered approximately 25 works, including prototypes, experimental objects, and production pieces. Only 700 copies printed.
image of a diamond-shaped teapot against a dark blue background with book title in the upper left corner.
Shock of the Old: Christopher Dresser’s Design Revolution
This book features more than 300 superb color photographs revealing Dresser's highly innovative ceramics, cast-iron garden furniture, and stark geometric silverplate tableware, along with previously unattributed designs for textiles, wallpaper, and glass.
Book title in large capital letters over an all-over pattern of red coy fish on a gray background.
Inside Design Now: The National Design Triennial
A critical selection of work by eighty designers and firms operating at the most provocative level in design today.