Cooper Hewitt Typeface Around the Globe



The Cooper Hewitt typeface is available for free of charge for unrestricted public use under the SIL Open Font License and has been downloaded more than 25,000 times from our website. Examples of its uses are sent to us regularly and we are thrilled to share the creative work inspired by the font’s bold design.  We welcome your project submissions, suggestions for improvements, and hacked versions of the font that make our typeface truly your own.

Send us your designs that make use of the Cooper Hewitt typeface and we will post on this page for the world to see. You can also explore and add to the user-submitted issues and updates in the Cooper Hewitt typeface Github repository.

Image of Mobile Alabama's Icon Style GuideImage of Mobile Alabama's Icon Style Guide

City of Mobile, Alabama Icon Style Guide

Image of a Poster using the Cooper Hewitt typeface by Kevin Blechle

Cooper Hewitt typeface Project

Submitted by Kevin Blechle

Image of Telsa Annual Report by Dylan DevineImage of Telsa Annual Report by Dylan Devine

Telsa Annual Report

Submitted by Dylan Devine

Image of AUTOMAT Website Home page

AUTOMAT Homepage

UI Design

Website Design,

Submitted by Fred Showell

Page from AmeriCares annual report

AmeriCares Annual Report

Designed by Dena Verdesca. Written by Kathy Kukula.

Georgia Tech Campus Kitchens Project

Promotional Video, Georgia Tech Campus Kitchens Project

Submitted by Olivia Pan

Tyndale T-shirt

T-shirt Design, William Tyndale School Graduation

Submitted by Grant Turner

Bicycle Event Graphics

Branding, Bicycle Race and Related Merchandise

Submitted by Florent Carrière

Typographica Website

Typographica Selection, Favorite Typeface of 2014

Found on

Typography Poster

Poster, Graphic Design 101

Submitted by Joshua Breyfogle