We're celebrating summer—and our members!—on June 21. Enjoy music and refreshments in the Arthur Ross Terrace and Garden with Cooper Hewitt friends and family, and meet the museum's new director, Maria Nicanor. Rain or shine, all ages welcome!
A pair of hands arrange square sheets of paper, all different colors.
Drop In On Design At Home: Pride Month Edition
Celebrate Pride Month with Cooper Hewitt! Inspired by the Smithsonian’s collections, participants will explore how to use line, shape, and color to convey inclusive and positive messages.
Design Snacks Series | Portfolios
Looking to share your work with the world and wondering where to start? Join Cooper Hewitt along with guest designers Melissa Gutierrez and Juddelis Villar as we dive into the world of design portfolios. Expect real-world tips and tricks for creating portfolios that stand out at every level — from applying to schools to landing...
Drop In On Design At Home: Creative Self-Expression Through Pattern Making
Express yourself through pattern! Inspired by the themes of pattern and repetition in Cooper Hewitt’s latest exhibition, Duro Olowu Selects, participants will explore line, shape, and color as they brainstorm and design their own pattern that represents themselves and the people, places, and things all around us.
On Display | Design Workshop at Industry City
What would you display in a storefront? In this hands-on workshop for ages 5–12, participants will explore the basic principles and elements of design to create a retail window display for an imaginary client. From color contrast to form and placement, we’ll take you through the ins-and-outs of making a display that stand out from the crowd.  
An illustration of the interior of a retail store
Store Stories: Exploring the History and Design of Retail
The 19th-century department store and its successor, the modern mall, have continually evolved to attract and keep consumer attention for decades. Join us as critic Alexandra Lange and Cooper Hewitt curator Emily Orr examine design’s leading role in the development and cultural impact of some of America’s most impressive shopping complexes. Sharing stories from their recent books on retail, Lange and Orr will highlight how aspects from architecture and display to urban planning and community building have shaped our shopping experiences.
Design Snacks Series | Design for Access
Open Style Lab (OSL) is a nonprofit organization committed to making style accessible for everyone, regardless of their cognitive and physical abilities.   Join us for an interactive workshop on designing for people of all abilities. The session will kick off with a presentation on inclusive design, introducing OSL’s approach and sharing sample work. We will...
THIS WORKSHOP IS SOLD OUT. TO JOIN THE WAITING LIST, PLEASE E-MAIL CHEDUCATION@SI.EDU. During the pandemic, a community of DIY rug makers emerged online. Their tool of choice was the tufting gun: a tool once only used in manufacturing to inject textured, colorful yarn loops into a cloth backing. Want to give it a try? Join...
Drop In On Design At Home: Earth Day Edition | A Kid’s Guide to Helping the Planet Through Design
What does it mean to be green in design? Join us for a special Earth Day edition of Drop In On Design At Home. In this hands-on workshop designed for ages 5-12, participants will explore Cooper Hewitt’s collection to discover how designers are utilizing nature to create sustainable and innovative design solutions that help tackle real-world challenges facing our planet. Then, participants will be challenged to think big as they brainstorm and prototype their own designs inspired by the natural world.