In the center of the image is a medium-skin toned hand holding a cell phone. The cell phone displays two butterflies superimposed against the flower garden in the background of the image. One of the butterflies is bright blue with a slight iridescent quality, and the smaller one, a Monarch, contains various shades of orange and yellow with black veining on the wings.
Design Retrospective: ButtARfly
This article was written as part of a series of Design Retrospectives on the prototypes commissioned by Cooper Hewitt’s Interaction Lab for the Activating Smithsonian Open Access Challenge. It was co-authored by the ButtARfly team: Jonathan Lee, Project Lead and Animation Programmer; Rianne Trujillo, Web Developer; Lauren Addario, Audio Advisor and Content Developer; Miriam Langer,...
Trude Guermonprez: Breaking Boundaries with Design
Trude Guermonprez (1910-1979) was a highly regarded textile designer born in Germany. Guermonperz immigrated to America and began teaching weaving at the Black Mountain College in North Carolina until the weaving program there ended. Trude Guermonperz then went on to teach at the California School of Fine Arts (now the San Francisco Art Institute), and...
Spotlight On: Althea McNish
Althea McNish (British, born Trinidad, May 15, 1924 – April 6, 2020), was a textile designer who rose to prominence in London with her bright and tropical printed textiles inspired by the colors and landscape of her native Trinidad. ​She became one of the first Black British textile designers to garner international acclaim, enchanting her clients with textiles featuring vibrant palettes...
View of the Carnegie Mansion from the house's garden, with green foliage on its facade and orange chairs in the grass.
Cooper Hewitt Announces New Board Appointments
Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum today announced four appointments to its board of trustees: Jennifer Deason, Paul Leinwand, Natalie Nixon and Ivy Ross.
Mud Frontier Film Screenings
World Premiere: Architecture and Design Film Festival Mud Frontier had its World Premiere on November 12, 2021 at the Architecture and Design Film Festival, with in-person screenings in Vancouver, Canada. U.S. Premiere: Santa Fe Film Festival Mud Frontier had its U.S. premiere at the 2022 Santa Fe Film Festival on February 11. This 10-day celebration of...
An oval-shaped, footed glass bowl cut with intricate geometric designs and a scalloped rim.
Year of Glass: Cut vs. Pressed
How do cut glass objects differ from those created using the innovation of pressed glass and what does this have to do with celery?
Printed fabric has a design of wheat sheaves in black against a background of orange and yellow.
The Glow of Althea McNish
Althea McNish (1924–2020) was one of the first Black women designers to receive international recognition for her achievements in design. Her textile Golden Harvest marks the beginning of a remarkable career for an under-recognized pioneer of 20th-century textile design.
A moonscape against a black sky with the sun and earth in the upper left and right of the image. In the foreground are six astronauts in white spacesuits, who are in various poses, mostly standing, one sitting. One of the six is climbing down from the Apollo 11 moon lander onto the moon surface. The astronauts names, "Neil, Chloe, Li, Jayden, Maria, and Ed" float above their heads.
Design Retrospective: ScienceVR Treasure Hunt
This article was written by educator and experience designer, Caitlin Krause as part of a series of Design Retrospectives on the prototypes commissioned by Cooper Hewitt’s Interaction Lab for the Activating Smithsonian Open Access Challenge. When ScienceVR co-founders Yen-Ling Kuo, Jackie Lee, and I began to approach the design process for the Activating Smithsonian Open...
A black ink line drawing with washes of dark grey on off white paper depicting what appears to be a scene of people viewing an art exhibition. On the right a dark-skinned figure sits facing the viewer on a round-backed chair, to the figure's left is a blackamoor sculpture of an ornately dressed, very dark-skinned figure. To its left and behind is an array of figures, rendered in dark grey shadow, viewing various artifacts around the room, including a sculpture of a boat filled with figures, an ornate hanging tapestry and a radio blasting sound represented with jagged lines.
Artifacts of àlá: An Afrofuturist Lab
Explore the Afrofuturist lab of a young explorer in 2077.