Four people at a table raise their glasses to toast the winners of the National Design Awards at a gala celebration. Click on this image for information about the 2018 National Design Awards Gala.
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A Buffaloware Sample Plate, ca. 1975; Manufactured by Oneida Ltd. ; USA. In the center of the plate, there is an image of a buffalo surrounded by the “standard on glaze palette”—swatches of the colors available for purchase in the Buffaloware line of dishes, from Sky and Prussian blues to Sienna, Coral, French Green, and everything in between, even black and white. The plate is featured in the exhibition Saturated and is the subject of a blog post in our Object of the Day series. Click on the image to view the blog post.
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Two women stroke and hug the black furry wall installed in The Senses: Design Beyond Vision now exhibition now on view on the third floor. Click on the image for a complete listing of current exhibitions at the museum.
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