Message about the federal government shutdown. Cooper Hewitt is temporarily closed and will reopen when the shutdown is resolved.
Cooper hewitt is closed
A photographic simulation of a streetscape of the future with multiple modes of public transport, people walking along expanded sidewalks, and dedicated bike lanes. Click on the image for information about the exhibition The Road Ahead: Reimagining Mobility now on view.
The road ahead: reimagining mobility
Brightly colored design objects arranged in a display case for the exhibition Saturated: The Allure and Science of Color. Click on the image to visit the Current Exhibitions page with information on all the exhibitions on view at the museum.
Exhibitions On view
An assortment of products for sale in the museum's shop: a black and white bicycle helment, napkins with colorful graphic designs, a gold bowl, a toy car, and more. Click on this image to visit the shop's online store.
The smiling faces of three women who are leaning against a large wall covered in soft black fur. Click on this image to learn about becoming a member of Cooper Hewitt.
Become a member
A bright red door knob with an elongated horizontal handle that stretches to the right of the circular base with a key hole at its center. Click on this image to purchase tickets online to the museum and save $2.
Buy Tickets online and save