The designer Rebeca Mendez stands in front of a large textile wall hanging with softly blurred colors of light blue, good, and white. Click here for information on a public program featuring the designer in conversation with Cooper Hewitt's curator of Latino design.
An evening with Rebeca Méndez
The Oka chair, by Michele Oka Doner, is both a utilitarian furnishing and a highly detailed sculptural piece. The chair’s seat is a flat textured disk which rests on straight, unadorned legs. The back, where all the detail lies, is composed of a cast bronze artist’s palette decorated with swirls and spirals of “paint” and a figure. Doner further embellished the back with “a collage of cast bronze elements from the artist’s studio including: small cast heads, circa. 1978, a twisted torso, circa. 1987, and a cast bronze stick, similar to the type used for proportioning. The chair is a paean to art itself, with all the tools of the artist rendered in great, yet whimsical, detail. One could say that the chair is representative of the artist herself.
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A man and a woman, both dark haired and wearing dark blue clothing examine a foldable bright red scooter in the exhibition The Road Ahead; Reimagining Mobility. Click on the image to learn about all of the current exhibitions on view at Cooper Hewitt.
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An assortment of products for sale in the museum's shop: a black and white bicycle helment, napkins with colorful graphic designs, a gold bowl, a toy car, and more. Click on this image to visit the shop's online store.
The smiling faces of three women who are leaning against a large wall covered in soft black fur. Click on this image to learn about becoming a member of Cooper Hewitt.
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A bright red door knob with an elongated horizontal handle that stretches to the right of the circular base with a key hole at its center. Click on this image to purchase tickets online to the museum and save $2.
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