Digital Mansion

Line drawing of the Carnegie Mansion with the rainbow Pride flag draped over the entrance

Design lives here. Wander the rooms of the Carnegie Mansion to explore exhibitions, archives, and tools for educators and parents. We’ve compiled the best of our online resources and a few of our favorite objects from Cooper Hewitt’s collection to brighten your day. 

The Galleries

In developing her full-coverage swimwear, Californian and long-time diver Shereen Sabet was inspired by surfer culture and her own dry suit. Her mix-and-match pieces are made from the same water-repellent fabric used in men’s board shorts, which does not cling when wet, allowing “Muslim women to comfortably and fully participate in water recreation with the rest of the crowd.”

The Family Room

Welcome to Design at Home! In this segment, learn how posters can communicate using only visual language such as line, form, and color. Then, create your own poster design using supplies you have available at home!