Author: Seb Chan

A clothing manniequin wears a blue long sleeve t-shirt and grey miniskirit that are embedded with sensors to create tactile sensations in response to music shown at the entrance to the special installation of Cooper Hewitt's exhibition of inclusive design at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Text on the wall next to the mannequin reads "One billion people experience some form of disability—World Health Organization. They are the world's largest minority." Click here to learn more about Cooper Hewitt's participation in WEF.
Access+Ability at World Economic Forum
Cooper Hewitt presents groundbreaking inclusive design to world leaders.
The Future of Design with Bruce Mau | Morse Historic Design Lecture Series
Design has changed the way we interact with the world. From hand-held smart products to large-scale systems and networks, designers have envisioned a brave new world of connectivity and autonomy. Renowned designer and thinker Bruce Mau talks about the future of design, using examples from Cooper Hewitt’s collection to highlight the progress and promise of...
Curator’s Talk: How Posters Work
Cooper Hewitt curator Ellen Lupton and guests talk about how to look at posters as visual language. What does it mean to take graphic design out of context and put it in a museum? How Posters Work uses posters to explore principles of visual thinking and storytelling. Dutch designers Rianne Petter and René Put talk...
Using The Pen
Learn how to use The Pen when you next visit the museum. Carry the Pen around the exhibitions and touch museum labels with the rear to save objects; use the tip to draw on our interactive tables; and use the rear on the tables when prompted to save your 3D creations or wallpaper designs in...
DISEÑO | Communication Design
This is the third event in our DISEÑO series, which focuses on design and Latino Identity. Join us for a discussion of communication design, featuring four leaders in the field reflecting on their visual communication practices! Panelists include Armin Vit (UnderConsideration LLC), Gabriela Mirensky (Faculty, SVA, New York and UDEM, Monterrey, Mexico), Rafael Esquer (Alfalfa...
Watch Gianfranco Zaccai (Continuum), Jon Marshall (MAP Project office), Scott Summit (3D Systems), and moderator Aimi Hamraie (Vanderbilt University) have a conversation about the origins and future of universal design and accessibility.
Universal Design: Myth or Reality?
From Cooper Hewitt's archives, a video of Gianfranco Zaccai (Continuum), Jon Marshall (MAP Project office), Scott Summit (3D Systems), and moderator Aimi Hamraie (Vanderbilt University) discussing the origins and future of universal design and accessibility.
Big and Bigger: Designing for Scale
Cooper Hewitt curator Matilda McQuaid moderates a panel discussion about the role tools play in large-scale projects. Panelists including Paul Ceruzzi of the National Air & Space Museum, William Goodrich of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and Chuck Hoberman, artist, engineer, and inventor of folding and transforming structures, provide insight into how we use powerful tools...
Chart topping objects in 2014
It is the end of another year and there’s been many changes at Cooper Hewitt. We’ve installed new galleries and one part of the new infrastructure are new interactive experiences through which to explore our collection as it gets digitized. As collections become available through these new interfaces, the objects that people explore or want...
We’re open, come play!
After a full inside-out renovation, our doors are finally open! Here’s some snippets from opening day to whet your appetite.