Author: Maira Kalman

Sampler is divided into compartments with vases, birds, and flowers. Those compartments with text are composed in the form of a rebus or pictogram. Sampler is edged with tatting. Contains the following text in Spanish
Love Unites Us
  a sampler might say “noli timere” be not afraid. but this sampler says “love unites us” in the end, we are all alone. but somewhere we also learn the elusive truth that there is love. love of life and beauty, knowledge and kindness. love unites us is not a bad thing to read on...
Two library books, Alice in Wonderland and Winnie-The-Pooh
Two Books
The two greatest children’s books of all time. They transcend time and place and age. They are wise and funny. You will be grateful to read them every few years. When you hold a (real) book in your hands, the molecules in your body rejoice. They are flooded with peace and expectation. Nothing else gives that feeling....
Light bulb-shaped clear glass globe enclosing clear glass light bulb with silvered top; cylindrical, chromed metal base in shape of socket with horzontal ridges.
A Bulb Within A Bulb
It is very comforting to come home in the evening and turn on a light. ideally, it is not a fluorescent hanging from the ceiling. something soft and gentle. something to welcome in the night. something with a dimmer switch to modulate the mood. i love light bulbs. they tell a very straightforward story. they...
Printed handkerchief with a three-quarter portrait bust of Queen Victoria in the center. At the top, "In Memoriam." At the bottom: "Alexandrina - Victoria Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Empress of India." On the left side: "Born in Kensington Palace May 24th, 1819." On the right side "Died in Osborne House Jan'y 22nd, 1901." Printed in black on a white ground, with a black and white striped border.
In Memoriam
Another sour puss. What is this show? Does it feel more real to pout than to preen? She was devastated when her beloved Albert died. It feels as if she never laughed again. But she had a job to do. It is important to have work. Someone can sell buckets. Someone can be Empress of...
Maira Kalman paintings of Zig-Zag chair and a kantharos.
Loopy and Exalted
This chair is not comfortable to sit on, which defies the idea of a chair. But it is sublime and necessary. What is the obligation of the designer? What are we supposed to feel or do with the things around us? Reitveld was rigorous about what he would allow in a room. That is a...
Maira Kalman's painting of a square of wool tapestry containing an almost frontal bust of a woman with dark hair knotted at the back, gazing to her left, on a red ground. Broad frame imitating gold set with cabochons and rectangular faceted jewels in blue, green, red and white. The woman is wearing a pink garment with perhaps a mantle of sky blue on her right shoulder; she wears a white band in her hair, which is mingled dark blue and brown wefts.
We Begin With a Portrait
The phone rings. In 2011 I was invited by the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York City to curate an exhibit based on their collection. Like a shopper in some great, mad department store that housed many centuries’ worth of objects, I browsed and inspected their archives for a year or so. The...