The two greatest children’s books of all time.

They transcend time and place and age.

They are wise and funny.

You will be grateful to read them every few years.

When you hold a (real) book in your hands, the molecules in your body rejoice.

They are flooded with peace and expectation.

Nothing else gives that feeling.

Is it a feeling of loving and being loved?

Of mind and body being united?

Of the world being a good place to live in?

I think so.


Maira Kalman is an illustrator, artist, author and designer. She is the author of My Favorite Things, the catalogue to her Cooper Hewitt exhibition, and Ah-Ha to Zig-Zag, a unique ABC book that celebrates thirty-one objects from the museum’s collection. You can purchase both of these books, as well as the Ah-Ha to Zig-Zag puzzle at

These books will be on view beginning December 12th in Maira Kalman Selects, an exhibition in the former Drawing Room of the Carnegie Mansion.

Learn more at

One thought on “Two Books

I do have a very old Alice book. Inside the book it has……copyright, 1899 Donohue, Henneberry & Co. “Through The Looking Glass”. Many years ago when I was a child a old friend gave it to me.
It is not in good condition as I read it many times. The pages are I guess to old now to handle.

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