Another sour puss. What is this show?

Does it feel more real to pout than to preen?

She was devastated when her beloved Albert died.

It feels as if she never laughed again.

But she had a job to do. It is important to have work.

Someone can sell buckets. Someone can be Empress of India.

I love the typography. January is now Jan’y.

Fine drawing. Fine type.

On a hankie. Is it really a hankie that would be used? Or a kerchief? Would it be worn while shopping on saturday morning for sausage rolls or such.

If it was worn in the 60s it could conceal hair curlers.

Photograph of Queen Victoria Handkerchief in Maira Kalman's studio.

A photograph of the handkerchief from Cooper Hewitt’s collection hanging in Maira Kalman’s studio.

Maira Kalman is an illustrator, artist, author and designer. She is the author of My Favorite Things, the catalogue to her Cooper Hewitt exhibition, and Ah-Ha to Zig-Zag, a unique ABC book that celebrates thirty-one objects from the museum’s collection.  You can purchase both of these books, as well as the Ah-Ha to Zig-Zag puzzle at

This handkerchief commemorating Queen Victoria’s death will be on view beginning December 12th in Maira Kalman Selects, an exhibition in the former Music Room of the Carnegie Mansion.

Learn more at

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