Author: Erin Gillis

purple and yellow the who concert poster
The British Are Coming to the Summer of Love
June of 1967 marked the beginning of the Summer of Love in San Francisco.  The city’s psychedelic scene was in full force and created a zeitgeist of music, art and attitude that’s been fabled in the American patchwork.  This aesthetic had its greatest reach through the stylized concert posters commissioned by the legendary promoter Bill...
White poster with words spelled out using different sized circles and lines in two shades of yellow. Text reads top to bottom: "Jazz Concert Willisau, 16 Nov. 07, 20.30 Uhr im Foroom, the Ellery Eskelin Trio."
A Richly Fabled Romance
The marriage between art and music has always been a richly fabled romance.  In the modern era, graphic designers have had a particular knack for fusing these two mediums by imbibing their personal passion for music into their work.  Consider for instance Reid Miles typographic album covers for the jazz label Blue Note in the...
Multicolored poster advertising the Divisumma adding machine by Olivetti. Design consists of stylized printing ribbons in tones of grays interspersed with squares of vivid color. Small typographic forms appear randomly on several of the gray squares and more consistently on the colored ones.
Ribbons in the Sky
With its dancing roll of printing ribbon, diving between a checkerboard game of multi-colored squares and symbols, this ad for Olivetti’s Divisumma adding machine makes simple mathematics look like anything but just another day at the office.  Like the poster, Olivetti’s products imbibed a similar pop aesthetic, embracing bold colors and simple forms.  Their typewriters,...
Above and below the central text field, the designer creates an abstract curvilinear pattern of fractured tulips in black and white, set against a bright gold ground. Two circular orange elements, which could refer to lady bugs or other insects, anchor the composition at the center. The areas of dense black patterning are echoed in the horizontal and vertical lines framing each of the fields and the entire poster.
An emblem of Dutch diversity
With its overlapping pattern of abstracted florals and its animated orange circular motif, this exhibition poster designed by artist Johan Thorn Prikker (b.1868-1932) is a true icon of the Nieuwe Kunst (Art Nouveau) style in Holland.  Created for an exhibition of Dutch art at the Kaiser-Wilhelm museum in Krefeld, Germany, Thorn Prikker employed several signifiers...
America’s Most Wanted Eco Graphics
Be a part of history as Ed Morris, the co-author of Green Patriot Posters, leads a team of designers, thinkers, environmentalists and audience participants in creating America's Most-Wanted Eco-Poster in real time! The team will have two hours to come up with the design. In designing the poster Morris will also be leading the team...
DesignPrep: Todd Oldham Workshops
DesignPrep Scholars joined renowned designer Todd Oldham for a 3-part workshop to transform the new Cooper-Hewitt, Design Center into a vibrant place.
2012 National Design Awards Winners’ Panel
2012 National Design Award winners share their inspiration and drive as designers in a panel discussion moderated by Richard Saul Wurman (Lifetime Achievement). Panelists: Janine Benyus (Design Mind) Thom Browne (Fashion Design) Rebeca Méndez (Communication Design) Scott Wilson (Product Design)  
Tim Gunn’s Keynote at the Teen Design Fair
Tim Gunn speaks about design and answers real questions from teens. Webcasting live from New York City. The Teen Design Fair is a special opportunity for teens who want to learn about design careers from National Design Award winners and others working at the top fields in fashion, interaction, communications, architecture, and more. Designer guests...
2012 National Design Awards Gala: Part 2
The National Design Awards are bestowed at a gala benefit dinner and awards ceremony in New York City each fall. This year's festivities will be held at the spectacular Pier Sixty on the Hudson River on the evening of Wednesday, October 17. This year's vice-chairs are Beth Comstock, Aaron Dignan, Paul Herzan, Madeleine Rudin Johnson,...