Paige Dalton, age 17, and Abigail Naidich, age 16
Academy of Allied Health and Science, Neptune City, NJ
Teacher: Melissa Pitman

Risk-inducing ingredients are in everyday essentials and cleaning items, a challenge for those exposed to harmful chemicals. In a class-action lawsuit with Tresemmé, we see the consequences of the hair loss chemical DMDM hydantoin being used. Other brands may also have harmful chemicals in their products. Safe Sales is an app that includes an index of ingredients that cause harm to consumers. Users may quickly scan a barcode or an ingredient list of an item, identify any harmful ingredients, and go into depth about each ingredient. A search bar option would also be included. This creates a healthier world because it makes everyone aware of what is in their products and the effects of chemicals. Users will access the design for free through any app store.

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