Delaney Rice, age 17
High Tech High School, Secaucus, NJ
Teacher: Vanessa Medina

I identified the importance of face masks and the unfortunate harm they cause the environment. We all need to wear masks during Covid-19, but the traditional surgical mask is not recyclable or biodegradable. This is an issue for everyone because it adds to waste and the climate crisis. The Seed Mask is made of non-woven, cellulose-fiber material that is biodegradable. Seeds are inserted into the sides of the mask. When the user is finished, they can simply place the mask in soil. The mask will decompose, and the flowers will grow. We currently face many crises, and the Seed Mask addresses two of them—Covid-19 and climate change. This mask provides the protection needed while combating littering and waste. After use, the mask will decompose and create flowers, reducing pollution in communities across the globe and making the planet greener and healthier.

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