Sam Abuchaibe, age 18, and Samantha Azcuy-Batet, age 18
Design and Architecture Senior High, Miami, FL
Teacher: Eric Hankin

It’s difficult to live a healthy life, physically and mentally, without being connected to nature. Quarantining further isolates and distances people from nature, which leads to many health issues. Hortus, our mobile healing garden, transforms old semi-trucks into calming spaces that house stress-relieving plants that give off calming aromas and visuals, creating a space where people walk through to experience a journey of healing through nature. Hortus travels from city to city, stops in areas lacking nature, and welcomes people in. Covid-19 has impacted our physical health and it has also taken a toll on our mental health. Our design provides a solution to this issue, addressing the importance of nature and its positive impact on our health. As people experience this space, they will feel refreshed and clear-minded.

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