Isabella Choi, age 16
Bergen County Academies, Hackensack, NJ
Teacher: Scott Lang

Countless people of diverse backgrounds feel isolated in America, and miss a sense of inclusivity because of the lack of visual indicators of their culture and identity. The lack of visual exposure leads to ignorance, feelings of exclusion, and the need to “fit in.” Brighten Your View! expands upon streetlamp decorations by creating an array of designs that correspond with the United States’ diverse population. The decorations are sturdy yet removable and attach to streetlamps through the hanger or the light itself. They are accompanied by informative electronic content. Brighten Your View! creates familiar sights for people who are adjusting to a new place and exposes the residents of the United States to wonderful celebrations from around the world, promoting inclusivity. It aims to create an ambiance of wonderment where people can join together in a public experience that is available to everyone.

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