Hannah Warmbrod, age 17
St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School, Sewanee, TN
Teacher: Osei Hill

People experiencing homelessness or poverty often do not have regular access to facilities where they can bathe and do laundry. This is especially hard on kids in school, who may feel discomfort and insecurity in addition to facing bullying caused by this issue. I designed a room in a school with showers and laundry facilities. The showers are completely closed so the room can be used by any gender, and one of the showers is wheelchair accessible. The room would be monitored by a teacher and open before and after regular school hours. Having access to showers and laundry facilities would allow kids experiencing homelessness or poverty to focus on their schoolwork without the worry of ostracism by their peers, and to feel more confident. It would also help their families by easing the burden of affording these facilities.

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