Enjoy our monthly round-up of some of our favorite moments captured by visitors. Make sure to tag your photos #cooperhewitt on Instagram to be featured next month!

  1. @rascalandrogue won best museum staff Halloween costume.
  2. @laleepop19 mused on a perfect fall day.
  3. @christinaerickson unleashed a drawing based on the permanent collection.
  4. @littlekybigworld shone bright in the #ImmersionRoom.
  5. @margaretpeot magnified a grotesque vision in the #FragileBeasts exhibition.
  6. @boycandyofficial bid a stylish farewell to Thom Browne Selects.
  7. @charlesc1025 created a multihued world in the Immersion Room.
  8. @davidhartman celebrated Geoff McFetrdige’s win at the National Design Awards. #NDAwards2016
  9. @eunnieo found a colorful portal in By the People designed for Las Abuelitas Kinship Housing. #DesigningAmerica
  10. @hellohanghang cozied up in the Conservatory.
  11. @aderynh took a triple selfie.
  12. @_____enaring showed a wall of values from the Process Lab.
  13. @getleonora took a mending workshop with Scraps designer Christina Kim.
  14. @sandwichchang captured a textile crafted from cast-offs by Luisa Cevese.
  15. @edupacbr sought out symmetry in the Great Hall.

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