Flexi Mother of Pearl is an environmentally responsible wallcovering made with a rapidly renewable natural material that offers an attractive alternative to other surfacing materials. While the name alludes to the natural luster of the mother of pearl material, the wallcovering is actually composed of capiz shells. Thin layers of shell are applied in narrow strips forming a brick pattern. The surface is then covered with a transparent protective coating which allows the shell’s natural iridescence to show through. The brilliance of the shells’ luster and the candy-apple red coating present a luxe material that is unexpected and unusual for a wallcovering. The use of thin layers allow the tiles to be flexible so they can be wrapped around columns or other curved surfaces. Flexi Mother of Pearl is sold in a tile format with each tile measuring 12 x 24 inches. This affords great flexibility when installing as the tiles can be hung horizontally, vertically or on the bias to create a decorative custom look.

The Capiz shell is found in the shallow coastal waters of India, the South China Sea and the Philippines, and it is the outer shell of a marine mollusk (Placuna placenta) and is used for decorative purposes. The shell is flat and semi-transparent with a pearlescent appearance and can reach nearly six inches in diameter. It multiplies prolifically and is ecologically harvested, not violating any environmental or other legal regulations. The coating applied to the surface of the covering is water based and each tile is free of formaldehyde and heavy metals.

Maya Romanoff is a Chicago-based company that began creating exquisite handmade wallcoverings in 1969. Today, they are the largest manufacturer of handcrafted wallcoverings in the United States.

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