Although most of his home furnishings were designed for specific interiors, Frank Lloyd Wright created several lines of products for the market, among them the Taliesin Line of wall coverings and textiles, produced in partnership with F. Schumacher and Company. The collection included wallpaper, woven fabric, and printed fabric such as this, and many of the designs made direct reference to Wright’s iconic architectural style. This piece bears a strong resemblance to Wright’s stained glass panels, which he referred to as ‘light screens,’ and used extensively as skylights, tabletops, and other interior features in his architectural designs. The pale pinks and greys in this design resemble the hues used in a skylight designed for the Willits House, built in 1901 in Glencoe, Illinois, among the first of Wright’s Prairie houses. The concentric squares may reference the effect of raking light through glass, and one can easily imagine this length of fabric hung vertically as a curtain with sunlight passing through.

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