George Washington’s triumphal entry into Boston following the end of the American War of Independence is the reason for our celebration today and this scene captures the spirit and revelry of the July 4th holiday. A parade of soldiers rides in front of the magnificent backdrop of Boston Harbor, while cheering crowds line the perimeter. Washington leads the promenade on his white steed. The city of Boston and all the ships in the harbor are decked out in American flags and red, white, and blue ribbons, while the spectators are all dressed up in their finest.

This is one view from the scenic wallpaper Views of the American War of Independence. The full set contains five different scenes detailing major events of the American Revolution. This scenic wallpaper has its own interesting story. The background views are from an earlier scenic paper called Views of North America that highlights some of the country’s natural wonders and key tourist attractions, including New York Bay, Boston harbor, Niagara Falls, West Point, and the natural bridge of Virginia. To create the new scenic showcasing the American Revolution new blocks were carved for the foreground imagery. The original design containing tourists and dock workers was replaced with soldiers and battle scenes. This scenic paper was printed entirely from wood blocks on a hand painted ground and is truly a printing marvel. It requires 2300 wood blocks to print the full set and contains 360 different colors.

So let’s celebrate this glorious day with pomp and circumstance, and fire up those barbeques, while keeping George and his troops in mind. Have a happy and safe July 4.

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