March welcomed spring and a new Selects exhibition guest-curated by Thom Browne. Visitors have been sharing their arresting experiences of the period-like room presentation as well as from every other corner of the museum. Enjoy our monthly round-up of images, and make sure to tag your photos #cooperhewitt on Instagram to be featured in next month’s post!

    1. @pjr1223 snapped Jean Yun with her contribution to the “Beauty” Design Triennial.

    2. @ayjoday spotted a 3-D wall covering in the 2nd floor galleries.

    3. @nortoncat took a stroll through the sunny SHOP.

    4. @brooklynfoo explored the Cooper Hewitt’s stunning garden.

    5. @monicagoslinphotos recorded Neri Oxman’s dancing light.

    6. @its_willyu zoomed in on Jenny E. Sabin’s morphing pavilion.

    7. @jaymoxias sought enlightenment.

    8. @lovenycstyle stumbled upon a perfect shot in the Immersion Room.

    9. @kilpatrickj3 opened ping-pong season in the garden.

    10. @jisunyipartners glimpsed Cooper Hewitt in the evening.

    11. @maia_d zeroed in on uniformity in “Thom Browne Selects.”

    12. @artfreaky_ drank in Garreth Pugh’s RTW straw.

    13. @jiilgagi played with shadow and light.

    14. @morgancarnevale was in NYC but loved Paris x Steinberg.

    15. @carehilario’s pattern play emphasized the layers of beauty in our Triennial.

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