Suzanne Tick is one of the most important American textile designers of her generation. She has always chosen to explore new technologies and fibers in her work while continuing to manipulate existing weaving techniques in innovative ways to produce highly engineered interior textiles. Her creative work in industrial fabrics is balanced by her handwoven and unique textiles, which allow her to experiment freely with materials, scale, and form.

Line Language is the newest textile designed by Suzanne Tick for Teknion Textiles, where she is the creative director. Line Language is an upholstery fabric with a bold graphic quality and gently textured surface that appears handwoven. The color and line gradation creates the pattern for the textile and provides a lively visual effect with a painterly quality. According to Tick, “Line Language reminds us of the act of drawing and painting, scraping and erasing. The sophisticated palette of three colors is based on rich art materials such as sumi ink, charcoal, and graphite, creating a luxurious textile in look and feel.”* True to Tick’s interest in creating environmentally friendly fabrics, Line Language is made using recycled polyester.

*email to author, April 16, 2015

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