Reflecting Well, by Junichi Arai, continues his life-long investigation into materials and textile techniques and the transformation of two-dimensional cloth into sculptural and vibrant surfaces. In this polyester and aluminum piece, Arai combines a melt-off technique, which dissolves the metallic thread leaving behind a transparent cloth, with shibori, a type of tie-dyeing technique that, in Reflecting Well, ultimately protects the metallic areas when dyeing the cloth. The results are large, circular, metallic puckers that reflect light and create an incredibly animated cloth.
Since 1950, Arai has been working in some aspect of the textile industry, developing new manufacturing processes. In 1984, he and Reiko Sudo co-founded Nuno, a company and retail store that produces and sells innovative functional fabrics. He has taught textile workshops all over the world and his work is included in the collections of major museums. The museum’s holdings of Arai’s work represent a cross-section of his career.

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