Isobar was designed by the Glasgow design Firm Timorous Beasties, established in 1990. White irregular circular motifs are in sharp contrast to the deep red background. This design was inspired by the isobar, which is a line on a chart or map used to indicate weather patterns or barometric readings. While a rather obscure thing to inspire a wallpaper, the designers have pulled it off beautifully. While not a subtle pattern with the deep red background the irregular nature of the circular motifs and the change of scale are rather soothing and keep the rhythm of the pattern flowing.

The founders of the group were both students of the Glasgow School of Art. Their design agenda includes textiles, wallpapers and accessories for residential and commercial interiors. Their designs are a little off the beaten path, with many of them being large-scale and quite bold. In 2005 Timorous Beasties was the recipient of the "Outstanding Contribution to Scottish Style Award." Isobar is an excellent example of contemporary British design as well as contemporary wallpaper design in general and goes to show that great British design need not come out of London.

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