In the current wallcoverings market, environmentally friendly examples are extremely limited, and papers made with toxic inks, vinyl, and other noxious elements still plague the industry. In 2006, artists Jee Levin and Randall Buck founded Trove, a New York–based company that designs and manufactures commercially rated, environmentally responsible wallcoverings. Trove’s products are recyclable, use nontoxic and archival inks, and have a wax-based coating that is washable and durable. All papers are printed to the specific wall height to eliminate waste. Combining digital working methods with imagery inspired from nature, films, and their own paintings and drawings, the duo creates patterns up to twelve feet high and three to six feet wide. Indi is a graphic tribute to Alfred Hitchcock’s film The Birds and represents how the designers can transform traditional motifs by playing with scale, color, and the image itself. In the end, Trove creates papers that are rich in design, not resources.

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