Upon first glance it is difficult to tell if we are looking up or down this spiral staircase.  Clean lines intersect with natural light, casting shadows that create a deceptive flattening effect from this vantage point. What appear to be stairs descending counterclockwise with no railing is actually the underside of the staircase designed to mimic the stairs above.   

French architect, Robert Mallet-Stevens (1886-1945), was known to gracefully combine the stylishness of Art Deco with the principles of Modernism.  This residential commission for sculptors Jan and Joël Martel is located at 10, rue Mallet-Stevens in Paris.  Several other Cubist houses by Mallet-Stevens can still be seen along this road today. 

Amassed by Mabel Thérèse Bonney, this image collection holds over 4,500 photographs depicting the modern architecture and design of 1920s and 1930s France.  Subjects include architecture, furniture, interior design, window displays, graphic design, and individual objects and furnishings. From book bindings to mannequin displays, serving as both a photographer and a collector, Thérèse Bonney documented the traditions, trends, favorite places and the designs of Art Deco in Paris.

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