Frames is a new rendition of an old idea in children’s wallpaper. While it follows in the tradition of interactive wallpapers designed for children, it is attractive and has a very strong graphic presence even as purchased. It doesn’t need the addition of artwork to be beautiful. Frames invites children of all ages to draw pictures or paste their favorite photos within the frames. The paper was cleverly designed so it can be installed horizontally as a border at any child-friendly height or vertically, repeating in the usual fashion. Frames also offers a new take on print room wallpapers, popular during the mid-18th century, when it became popular to paste engraved prints directly on the wall using a wallpaper border as a frame.

Interactive wallpapers go back to the early years of children’s wallpaper but have remained a very small portion of the market. The earliest interactive wallpaper was produced in 1907 and contained lithograph prints of animals designed to be cut-out and either pasted to the wall or pinned to a fabric wallcovering. Mid-century produced a number of new interactive designs including chalkboard papers die-cut in fun animal and train shapes, and paint-it-yourself scenic wall murals measuring nearly 10 x 10 ft. which included pre-mixed colors and two brushes. Paint-it-yourself wallpapers are available again today in some striking new designs.

Graham & Brown is a British-based company with showrooms around the world. They continually work with high-profile designers as well as emerging talent to create a wide spectrum of designs appealing to many markets.

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