Cooper-Hewitt just acquired Nike’s latest high performance running shoe, Flyknit Racer, which uses the most advanced knitting technology and only the most essential materials to create an ultra-light and fast racing shoe. The Flyknit Racer is the first pair of Nike shoes to enter the collection and was chosen for its innovative use of textiles as both structure and support. Nike’s design team precisely engineered the shoe so that all of the important functional properties of the shoe are knitted into the upper reducing the weight to a remarkable 5.6 ounces — 19% lighter than a previous Nike shoe worn by marathoners at the 2011 World Championships. The precision fit means that every element has a purpose and a particular place in the shoe in order to provide the ultimate in support, flexibility and breathability.


Flyknit Racers will be worn by Olympic marathoners from Kenya, Great Britain, Russia and the United States this summer.

Flyknit Racer 2009-2012

Designers: Ben Shaffer

Material: Polyester, Kevlar®

Manufactured by Nike Inc.

Gift of Nike Inc.


Photos courtesy Nike Inc.

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