At our panel discussion last month about fashion, curator Dilys Blum mentioned that she likes to include catwalk videos in fashion exhibitions, since a garment in motion looks totally different from a garment on a mannequin, its folds and forms jumping to life. Fashion photographer Bill Cunningham made a similar observation in Richard Press's new documentary. His favorite time to photograph street fashion is after a storm, because everyone is leaping and jumping over puddles and slush, which sets their clothes in motion. The catwalk and the crosswalk aren't novel choices for documenting fashion in motion. But the ping-pong table is.

Filmmaker Matthew Donaldson has created this fashion film starring the multitalented Soo Yeon Lee. The table-tennis champion and fashion model faces off against herself in slow motion, showing off dresses, leggings, jumpsuits, and lots of fringe by Christopher Kane, Mark Fast, Jil Sander, and Versace. Check out the film below:

Found via The Fox Is Black

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