A piece called Euphoria of Lights: The Comte’s Pyramid Ring, which can be virtually "tried on" with augmented reality.

The Man Who Knows Everything is the name of a new jewelry collection from London designer Hannah Martin. The collection is inspired by the Count of St. Germain, an eighteenth-century German alchemist who chased immortality. To promote the collection, Martin has released an augmented-reality application that lets anyone wear the jewels virtually.

Martin's AR application in action.

The application requires you to print out a paper ring with a fiduciary marker on it. Similar to a barcode, it lets any camera track movement in 3-D. If you run the application on your computer or smartphone and put your hand in front of the device, your screen will show a live image that makes it look as if you're wearing the ring. Cooper-Hewitt also has a Facebook app that lets you try on the jewelry of Van Cleef & Arpels virtually. Unlike Martin's app, it has many pieces to choose from, and uses still imagery instead of a live video feed. The jewels are selected from our Set in Style exhibition, which is open through July 4th.

Cooper-Hewitt's new Get Set in Style Facebook app lets you see yourself in priceless historical heirlooms.

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