The Megalizer is a sneaker that could put a few DJs out of business. The nearly invisible system of hardware and software allows a dancer to create live music with his shoes.

The device uses Flash and Processing software, an xBee wireless module, and force sensors. Engineer Didier Brun wrote this blog post explaining his design process in-depth.

Two force sensors on each insole

The entire device fits inside the shoe: no leg straps, belt packs, or other visible components.

The Nike Music Shoe is a similar interactive sneaker concept. Unlike the Megalizer, the Music Shoe isn’t intended for dance, but for live DJ performances.

The device lends an unexpected dash of squishiness and color to a typical DJ setup—usually a table full of boxy black controllers, knobs and buttons. In this video, the designers behind the project talk about the constraints and surprises of their process:

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Found via Creative Applications

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