Register now to participate in a FREE Cooper-Hewitt workshop all about 3-D printing. Starting on April 30th, the workshop will consist of five hands-on sessions led by Matt and Mike of Makerbot Industries.

Founded in 2009, Makerbot is the Brooklyn-grown 3-D printing firm that has taken the DIY electronics scene by storm with its spirited, convivial approach to democratic and participatory design. Workshop participants will learn to: -Design and print prototypes in 3-D. -Use 3-D apps like Rhino, Blender and brand-new Tinkercad. -Assemble, modify, and troubleshoot Makerbot hardware and software.

Try your hand at hardware assembly!

There’s no programming or tech experience required! This is a great opportunity for curious young minds to get some exposure to the exciting worlds of DIY electronics, robotics, and design. The workshops will be held at Tekserve in Chelsea, and “The Botcave”—Makerbot HQ in Brooklyn.

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