This is the fourth interview in Chapter 3 in my new book, Designing Media

Bob Mason & Jeremy Merle, November 2008 Bob Mason cofounded Brightcove in 2004 with Jeremy Allaire. They saw the possibility of a complete end-to-end solution to deliver video from any creator to any customer, across diverse devices, allowing content owners to have the same breadth of communication that had previously been limited to major corporations and media companies. Jeremy took the role of CEO and Bob CTO as they set about designing an online video platform to be used by professional publishers. The service allows video content owners to publish, distribute and deliver video to their audiences. Bob provides leadership for Brightcove’s vision, design, and architecture. He is focused on making the system as simple as possible, so video can be encoded, uploaded, launched, and presented in a branded player on a Web site in less than thirty minutes. Much of the Brightcove offering is transparent to the end user, with the connections automatically adjusted by the software.

Brightcove Studio in 2008, Showing Video Capture Bob predicts that coming bandwidth improvements will allow fluid connections of online video across platforms, with PC, mobile, and TV experiences accessing common source material. He expects there to be much more material being created for business purposes, so that content will be produced by companies that you would not think of as media or video companies. Jeremy Merle leads the team of interaction designers at Brightcove, with responsibility for user experience, visual identity and product design. His first priority is to understand the people who will use the product. The research that his team conducted for the development of Brightcove 3 (shown above) revealed three main stakeholders—media producers, design integrators, and business developers—and he has developed separate modules to satisfy each of these. Jeremy has moved the visual identity forward since my 2008 interview, with a series of icons forming a key to the functional modules in the 2011 version.

Brightcove Platform Page in 2011

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