The Museum’s Current Exhibits

There isn’t much there yet, as the Adobe Museum of Digital Media has not had time to include many exhibits. The easiest way to get the hang of what’s happening is to take the building tour, accessed through the directory.

The Curator of the space is Tom Eccles who introduces the project in a couple of sentences and then asks for comments. When you read the comments, you find that they are very polarized, with many congratulations and enthusiastic visitors, but also a cohort of critics venting their disappointment about the level of exploration allowed in the virtual structure, perhaps because there was a lot of talk last year about the potential for moving around inside the expansive galleries and towers.

Map of the Virtual Museum, designed by Italian architect Filippo Innocenti

For me the excitement of seeing an imaginative attempt to create a digital museum far outweighs any concerns for the level of completion or the details of the structure. I applaud the designers and sponsors and hope to see much more rich and interesting content as the endeavor expands.

The online guide, mixing voice, camera and jellyfish

I wonder what you think about the tour guide? Her voice is slightly Euro-accented and synthesized, her single eye sometimes sees and then clicks a shutter to record, and her body is modeled after a jellyfish. There are shoals like her swimming around in the space. Is this engagingly charming or dangerously anthropomorphic design? Please comment!

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