One of 31 video segments featured in 'Designing Media', the new book, DVD and website by Bill Moggridge.

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With Paul Saffo you will discover that even this techno-savvy forecaster living in California's Silicon Valley still captures his thoughts and observations about new technologies on the paper pages of old-fashioned bound journals. The new media of the digital revolution might add new possibilities for us and broaden alternatives for communication, record keeping, and creativity, but those traditional media seem surprisingly persistent, even if transmogrified. Paul points out that old media forms never die out entirely-they get repurposed for other uses and stay with us. He gives us an overview of the state of media in the past, present, and future, explaining that what we called mass media was all we had, but we are now creating a whole new world of personal media. He also reveals his S-curve method for forecasting and describes the attributes of the "creator economy."