This past weekend was a terrific Cynthia Rowley/Johnson & Johnson extravaganza at Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum. Cynthia’s show at Lincoln Center was downright gorgeous, with stunning skirts perforated with geometric shapes and cabochon-covered fabrics with transparent cardigans and gauzy stockings. I sat behind Rebecca Romjin and Alan Cumming, which was fun, despite being blinded by the cameras’ flashes! I can’t wait for Spring to have my very own perforated piece!



We then caravanned—well, not quite, cabbed to Cooper-Hewitt where Cynthia and Johnson & Johnson hosted a party in the Museum’s Arthur Ross Terrace & Garden to celebrate Band-Aid brand Cynthia Rowley Adhesive bandages. A tent housed a party for friends and press, with beautiful zinnias and dahlias arranged by Michael Kowalski of TOMIK events gracing the tables and blogger Micah Jesse interviewing Cynthia with great enthusiasm!



The ‘dress-up’ Band-Aid designs include gems, sequins, gold chains and even a complete runway show. Guests enjoyed sampling the different designs throughout the afternoon, as you can see from the pictures. Special thanks to Christopher Hacker, Chief of Design at J & J, who first introduced us to the project, which marries perfectly with Cooper-Hewitt’s mission to educate people on how design is part of everyday life.



The Band-Aids are sold exclusively at the Shop at Cooper-Hewitt, and at Cynthia Rowley stores—get yours today, perfect house-gift for weekends away!

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