Emerald glass blown object in the shape of a robot. A light-skinned hand holds the end of a punty rod that is attached to the head of the object.GlassLab was a really unique adventure. I had been to The Corning Museum of Glass a few times and even seen glass blown there, but never had the “on-hand” experience of directing the blowers to create the piece as exact as I wanted it. Coming from a world of plastics and vinyl, it was very interesting to see the similarities in the two materials. If ever given the future chance, I would really love to explore the combination of the two materials and see where the line really does intersect. Given that the melting points of each is different, it could create a really unique piece. The people involved with GlassLab were wonderfully professional, informative, and talented. It really created and environment of creativity and possibility.

GlassLab was on view at Cooper-Hewitt May 17–June 3, 2008.

More about Kidrobot at Glasslab.

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