Author: Elizabeth Broman

Art Nouveau, all over the floor!
The Cooper Hewitt Library has a number of linoleum catalogs. Carpettes Linoleum is our newest, and to date, earliest one. This flooring trade catalog from Lancaster, England was printed for distribution to French consumers, who like many other European and American buyers, liked the durability, versatility, cleanliness, and the variety of designs available in linoleum...
1RaznoExportGlobeSpaceRocketsTin copy
Soviet Playtime—Characters and Cosmonauts
This Soviet era trade catalog for toys was intended for non-Russian audiences, and was produced by the Raznoexport Company in Moscow. This firm sold all sorts of consumer goods of Russian manufacture for export; the text is in English and French. Textiles, rugs, tobacco, bicycles, cut glass, and building materials among other goods were marketed...
Esquisse Decoratives _Clef (Key) Pl.14
Art Nouveau and Everyday Life
Art nouveau as both an architectural style and a style for any kind of ornament, permeated so much of European culture during the time period of 1890–1910. Fashion, graphic design, household furnishings and so many other everyday objects reflected this style – even your house keys were Art Nouveau! The Cooper-Hewitt Library has a large...
Hair jewelry Pattern book page of brooches, Museum collection crescent shaped brooch
Treasured Tresses- Hair Jewelry Pattern Books
The Cooper-Hewitt Library owns many types of pattern books for architecture, textiles, wall coverings, and ornament for use by designers. Among our more unusual “how to” pattern books and trade catalogs are two recently digitized hair jewelry pattern books – The jewellers' book of patterns in hair work and Charles T. Menge's price list of...
Book, "A day at the New York World's Fair with Peter and Wendy"
1964: I was there…in my Orange and Blue
The Cooper-Hewitt Library has a large collection of over 2,000 World’s fair catalogues and books. Some are children’s souvenirs and stories. A day at the New York World's Fair with Peter and Wendy brings back memories of certain things I remember. As a teenager, my mother had loved the 1939 World’s fair, so that when...
Book, "White bronze monuments, statuary, portrait medallions, busts, statues, and ornamental art work..."
White Bronze- Designing for Death
This Catalogue of the Monumental Bronze Co. is one of the many examples of trade literature that the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Library has in its collection; they are among the most valuable research resources for documenting the tastes and trends of culture, and the products being marketed and sold in a given time period. This...
Capturing a Decade: Thérèse Bonney
Left: Paris, France, ca. 1925. Annual exhibition of the Primavera design department of Au Printemps department store.   Right: Paris, France, ca. 1926. Copper-color painted figure with necklace of diamonds and sapphires by Dusausoy and dress by Callot-Soeurs.          Born in upstate New York, Thérèse Bonney (1897-1978), was a photojournalist whose work reflected a wide variety of...
Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer by Robert L. May : illustrations and pop-ups by Marion Guild. New York : Maxton Publishers, c1950. Smithsonian Libraries. qPZ8.3.M467 Ru 1950.
Rudolph Popping Through the Skies

What makes Pop-Ups POP??

wicker chair book
Weaving Willow into Wicker
Isn’t it wonderful to sit outside under a shady tree in a comfortable chair? Wicker furniture, cold drinks and a porch swing…heaven. I used to have a wicker armchair in my living room, bought at a junk store and treasured until it began squeaking with the slightest movement and my cats started turning it a pile...