The natural linen woven base cloth is stretched in tension on a wooden frame. Skeins or coils of bleached linen are alternately twisted in the 's' or 'z' directions, and anchored to the foundation by sewing them with strong linen thread using a semi-circular needle, allowing the artist to control and stabilize the volume.
Macro Embroidery
In celebration of Women’s History Month, March Object of the Day posts highlight women designers in the collection. Cour de Rohan, which bears the name of Sheila Hicks’s home in Paris, is an example of the artist’s “macro-embroidery” process, a scaled-up version of the embroidery stitch known as point de couchage or point lancé et...
The Clay Prophet: Ceramics from Wonderland
You might have to travel through the looking glass to find the Mad Hatter, but in the late nineteenth century, you’d only have to travel to Biloxi, Mississippi to find the self-titled “Mad Potter.” Just don’t try to use one of ceramicist George E. Ohr’s  bowls, like the one seen here, at your un-birthday party. Ohr’s pottery...