Water Jets
This fashionable textile's fountain motif can now be seen in The Jazz Age: American Style in the 1920s.
Three vertically rectangular panels of marbleized glass, each panel framed with narrow copper edging oxidized to green and orange-red tones with two small ball feet at each end. The panels are hinged together by means of wire at juncture of feet and screen. Cut out copper overlay. Glass marbleized in tones of lavender, blue and green overlaid with cut out copper in “Grapevine” pattern.
Grapevine Screen
This glass screen was designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany,  an American artist and designer most well known for his work in stained glass. Tiffany is well known for originating a type of marbleized iridescent art glass, known as Favrile glass. Favrile was an adaptation of the Old English word febrile, meaning “hand wrought.” Tiffany’s iridescent surfaces...
DesignBoost NYC: David Gresham
DesignBoost NYC was a two-day design conference held at Cooper-Hewitt in June 2011. Thirteen speakers specializing in everything from biomechanics to filmmaking addressed the conference’s theme, “Design Beyond Design” in this series of short talks.