Tischsuper, but not Kitschsuper: Dieter Rams’ RT 20 Radio for Braun
From the exhibition, industrial designer Dieter Rams' 1961 portable radio.
Don’t Touch That Dial
The Patriot radio was designed by noted industrial designer Norman Bel Geddes and manufactured by the Emerson Radio and Phonograph Corporation in 1939. The radio is made from Opalon, a thermoplastic similar to Bakelite, which came into widespread use in the 1930s. The late 1930s saw the United States begin to emerge from the Great...
Designing Media – Tim Westergren
This is the third interview in Chapter 2 in my new book, Designing Media Tim Westergren, February 2009 In 2000 Tim Westergren founded Pandora, the personalized Internet radio service. Based on his Music Genome Project, Pandora selects songs and artists with similar musical qualities to a sample chosen by the listener and creates a “radio...
Designing Media – Introduction
Designing Media, a Book, DVD and Website from The MIT Press I was working on Designing Media for a couple of years while I was still at IDEO, before coming to the Cooper-Hewitt. It’s a partner volume to my first book Designing Interactions in that it combines the book with a DVD and a website,...