Two-fer Wallpaper: Illustrating Innovation with Scenic Wonders
Wallpaper showing views of popular tourist destinations in Canada, all centering around the Saint Lawrence River. Rendered as petite watercolor paintings the four views include the Victoria Bridge in Montreal, the Thousand Islands, Falls of Montmorency, and the Lachine Rapids. Completed in 1859, Victoria Bridge links the cities of Montreal and Saint-Lambert and greatly facilitated...
Suffering Suffragists
While today, we take the idea of universal suffrage for granted, the right to vote in the United States has a long and complex history that continues to this day. The women’s suffrage movement officially began in Seneca Falls in 1848 and, after a long, hard-fought campaign, culminated with the ratification of the 19th Amendment...
Postcard from Tokyo
Japanese Landscape in the Snow I was delighted by this New Year’s card from Takeshi Ishiguro in Tokyo. On the front was an image of a snow covered landscape, with one of those crisp blue skies that only seem to visit Japan when it’s cold. The card came in an envelope, as the postage stamps...