Image shows multi-panel scenic wallpaper of alpine scene, in sequence left to right. a) Nine cows before two huts. Large waterfall; b) Five cows before stone-based hut; c) Ten cows crossing bridge over waterfall, large single rock above cows; d) River landscape with distant valley. Six spruce trees in foreground, with berries and blossoms in immediate foreground; e) Clearing with single tree. Two goats, f) Rocky landscape with cap-like peak on horizon. Single thin tree in upper third of panel. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
Landscape Escape
Wall-hangings throughout the centuries have come in a variety of forms and materials, tapping upon subject matter that is just as diverse. During the late 1700’s and early 1800’s scenic wallpapers came into production and swept through Europe, most notably in their place of origin, France. They are thought to have been created in a...
Facial Features
At first glance, this design drawing for the tapestry Our Mountains by Trude Guermonprez (American, b. Germany, 1910–1976) may appear to be a simple mountain landscape. A closer look reveals that the cool blue-green peaks and valleys are actually formed by three reclining faces in profile. In the background, the face of Guermonprez’s husband John...
Frieze, USA, 1906–07
Trees on a Frieze
In this frieze, printed by the Gledhill Wallpaper co. in 1906-7, tall, slender trees stand in the foreground, growing from a well-manicured lawn like elongated stalks of broccoli. A paved, white sidewalk runs horizontally across the length of the frieze, branching off in the center of the panel and leading to a majestic landscape of...