Miser's purse, USA, early–mid-19th century
A Purse For Your Pennies
Miser’s purses are oblong pouches primarily used to carry coins. The purses usually have center slit openings with pairs of sliding rings to secure coins in the purses’ ends, though sometimes clasp closures are used. The purses probably evolved from the 16th-century practice of storing coins in the toe of a stocking. Miser’s purses were...
Object of the Month: Knit and Run!
Cooper-Hewitt just acquired Nike’s latest high performance running shoe, Flyknit Racer, which uses the most advanced knitting technology and only the most essential materials to create an ultra-light and fast racing shoe. The Flyknit Racer is the first pair of Nike shoes to enter the collection and was chosen for its innovative use of textiles...