imitation leather

A Very Convincing Imitation Leather
I recently pulled this piece of imitation leather from storage to consider for an exhibition and was struck by the beauty of the material and craftsmanship. This is paper, a very heavy stock, which is embossed and printed to imitate an antique leather. The design is wood block printed, the paper is embossed with a...
This Grain is Not For Your Table
This roll of embossed imitation leather wallpaper is a beautiful example of Art Nouveau design. The pattern is a repeating design of a single motif, a stylized ear of wheat or other grain, lined up in offset horizontal rows. The leaves have been delicately rendered with the tip ending in a scroll, while the top...
A Rockefeller Relic
From our archives, an Object of the Day on the Japonism-inspired wallpaper that was once installed in the Rockefeller mansion formerly at 4 West 54th Street in New York City.