Ikko Tanaka

Remembering Hiroshima
The week of August 6, 1945, United States armed forces dropped two atomic bombs on Japan; the first landed that Monday on Hiroshima, and another arrived three days later in Nagasaki. While the attacks seemingly worked in the allies’ favor, with Japan surrendering the following week, the fallout was devastating for the island nation–it is...
Exhibition poster in black and white with 3 registers. Top and bottom registers consist of 3 squares, black in the corners, white in center. In center register: circle thickly outlined in black with 4 black squares in diamond in center. Black squares have small white square in center. Text along bottom register.
Simple Yet Bold
Born on today’s date in 1930, Ikko Tanaka was one of the giants of Japanese graphic design in the second half of the twentieth century. Tanaka began designing posters in 1954 and was renowned for his ability to synthesize both Japanese and Western aesthetics. His name became synonymous with straightforward, impressive designs recognizable for their...