Howard Stern

Image features a magazine cover consisting of a black and white photograph of Howard Stern with three large superimposed red blocks containing slanted white text in Futura Bold forming the phrase, “I hate myself,” with a smaller block below adding, “and you love me for it.” “Esquire” is printed in red along the top of the design. Printed in red blocks, also with Futura Bold slanted white text, upper left: Shocking but True! / HOWARD STERN / BLITZES AMERICA / By Barbara Kruger. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
Conceptualizing a Cultural Icon
Known for her bold engagement with popular culture and mass communication, American conceptual artist Barbara Kruger provokes and entices the viewer with her cover design for the May 1992 issue of Esquire. Featuring a close-up, black and white photograph of the controversial shock-jock Howard Stern, the superimposed text obscures significant portions of his face, excluding...