A view of the galleries at Cooper Hewitt showcasing Contemporary Muslim Fashions. Several garments are displayed on mannequins.
Contemporary Muslim Fashions Virtual Tour
Susan Brown, Associate Curator and Acting Head of Textiles, leads a virtual walk through of Contemporary Muslim Fashions. INTRODUCTION Contemporary Muslim Fashions explores how Muslim women are reshaping the fashion industry to be more inclusive. As designers and entrepreneurs, they have shown that clothing can be on-trend and still meet the needs of diverse wearers. As...
This poster for the exhibition “Impressions/Expressions: Black American Graphics” bears the title at top, with credit information below. A brightly colored image draws the eye at the center of the poster, a lithograph by the artist Margo Humphrey. A border of purple, red, and orange surrounds an abstracted scene, with a bright blue sky. A large yellow tiger, sketchily drawn, bears its teeth at the bottom of the frame, while a pair of figures float above, in embrace. Surrounding these figures, chili peppers, bananas, moons, and stars seem to rain from above,
First Impressions/Expressions Count
In October of 1979, an exhibition entitled Impressions/Expressions: Black American Graphics opened at the Studio Museum in Harlem. The show, associated with the second annual “Survival of the Black Artist” Fine Arts Festival, later traveled to Howard University—alma mater of the exhibition’s 26 year-old curator, Richard J. Powell.[1] The first survey of its kind, Impressions/Expressions...
Image features a black and white abstract shape, comprised of two overlapping ovals, with geometric patterns. In red lettering the image also says Cincinnati Art Museum (at the top) and June Wayne (at the bottom). Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
From Target to Tamarind
In celebration of Women’s History Month, March Object of the Day posts highlight women designers in the collection. In September of 1969, the Cincinnati Art Museum hosted a retrospective exhibition dedicated to the work of June Wayne (1918-2011). Although Wayne’s prolific design practice spanned multiple media, today she is especially celebrated for her work as...
Forty Posters in Forty Days
Whether an advertisement or call to action, posters have long been used to grab a viewer’s attention. Spanning over a century of graphic design from the collection, How Posters Work, an exhibition here at the Cooper Hewitt (May 8 – November 29, 2015), celebrates the form by considering how designers turn a creative idea into...
Distressed ground resembles a black wall with flaking white paint. The paint flakes are designed like a map, depicting Ginza, Japan. The white dot represents the location of Ginza Graphic Gallery. Title of exhibition appears in black Helvetica text of varying sizes, stacked vertically.
Lovingly Crumpled
After a decade in mainstream advertising, Singaporean designer Theseus Chan founded the independent consulting firm WORK in 1997. Three years later, he created a sibling publication, Werk magazine. Frustrated by the aesthetic tedium and reserve he perceived at larger ad agencies, Chan used these new ventures to foster innovative design. With WORK, he has devised...
Graphic Design- The Final Hours
During the final weekend of the exhibition "Graphic Design—Now In Production" on Governors Island, come talk with some of the field's leading practitioners about life, death, and visual communications. Hear about how new and old media are changing how designers work; commiserate on the loss of some of the world's greatest logotypes; and celebrate the...
Curator’s Tour of Graphic Design—Now in Production
In this ten-minute gallery tour, curator Ellen Lupton talks about indie publishing, typographic spectacle, non-normative software use, and design as fiction. The exhibition explores some of the most vibrant sectors and genres of graphic design from 2000 to the present. Last day to catch this exhibition is September 3rd, 2012.
Indie Publishing: Books, Magazines and Monsters
Meet editors, designers, and authors of independent books and magazines. Learn about the ups and downs of print and media in the new millennium.
Only One Month Left to See Graphic Design— Now in Production
In this quick ten-minute gallery tour, curator Ellen Lupton talks about indie publishing, typographic spectacle, non-normative software use, design as fiction and more. The exhibition explores some of the most vibrant sectors and genres of contemporary graphic design from 2000 to the present. Be sure to catch the exhibition before it closes on September 3rd,...